SENOR’S award winning IP66 Rated iSPOS. The iSPOS is your all-in-one mini kiosk solution suitable fo..
SENOR ISPOS 500 WP (w/ Inbuilt Printer & POSReady)
Ideal for Wet & Industrial areas. Screen is built to with stand water & dusty envioments. Th..
SENOR iSPOS S10 All in One Touch Terminal
SENOR iSPOS S10 All in One Touch Terminal - No operating system installed   Space is no longe..
SENOR Kitchen Display System
The SENOR ‘KDS’ or Kitchen Display System, is a fan-less and vent-less solid-state device. Enclosed ..
Senor Nano POS 6000
All-In-One Nano POS 6000 Simple, Green, Stylish. Fanless, diecast aluminium shell, with flat, seam..
Senor v5POS
v5POS Series v5POS series features a brand new co..
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